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It’s been an awesome run guys, but we are shutting down!  IRL takes priorities.  For our followers:  If you are interested to know where we are writing now feel free to ask! *Hugs*

A message from Anonymous

A message from Anonymous
Everyone dies. The end. Close the site already!

A message from Anonymous
dis site suxz. glee is gay, so so gay!

Then get out of our tag :)

A message from Anonymous
I read that character leaving entry. I think the person that left had to be a whine-o. People that negative shouldn't RP, period. That just brings everyone else down.

Anon there is much more to this situation than you know about.  That particular person has a lot of personal stresses going on right now and felt that a RP break at this time would be best.  Please refrain from clogging our inbox with random messages and bullying comments.  Thanks.

A message from corys-got-a-secret
Because I am still bothered that someone made commentary on this, they should know that my leaving the site has nothing to do with plots. I love the plot, it's a beautiful plot, well done, and I applaud it greatly. My leaving has to do with added stress in my life. Everybody on the site are my friends, and I appreciate respecting my friends. Admin staff, please post this, for everyone to see.


…For putting up with BS…



This right here is a prime example of RP cyber bullying!  If you have an issue with our story lines here and the loss of a player then just politely unfollow us it will not hurt our feelings.  RP IS NOT FAN FICTION!!!!  If you want a specific storyline that is not constantly changing moving etc based on character interaction PICK UP A BOOK.  I personally know of a really good one that just came out.  It’s called THE LAND OF STORIES!!  Thanks.

A message from Anonymous
Is Kurt open?

He is currently not being played, and if you are interested you will need to come off of anon so that we can get to know you and see how well your Kurt would fit into this RP because of how long running it has been.

The Daily Gossip

It seems out friends at the Muckraker down in Lima, Ohio have been very lucky as of late.  They caught the son of singer/ songwriter Blaine Anderson Lake-side with his new beau in a couple of very compromising positions. What’s even juicer than that?  The two young lovers are actually on their honeymoon! The Gossip has just learned that Alexander Smythe married one Chance Grey not more than a week ago.  A representative from the Anderson Camp had no comment and the happy couple have apparently turned their cell phones off.  Best of luck to you boys!  We just want to know why we weren’t invited to the wedding!